Panel Debates Online Privacy Existence


About 50 souls bravely traipsed to Webtrends after work on the first day of summer and they were rewarded with stimulating discussion and great Widmer Brothers beer.

Our panel was moderated by John Hartman(Evergreen Branded Media, @feedia), and included Aaron Hockley (Hockley Photography, @ahockley), Amanda Mayhew (Ethics Point), Christina Avrevalo (IDExperts), and Marshall Kirkpatrick (RWW, @marshallk) as participants. You can read more about them in our earlier post .

The meeting ran about 1.5 hours, longer than epxected, and people were still asking questions one on one after the panel ended. The range of subjects covered was wide but some of the discussion surrounded:

  • Privacy versus ID protection (anonymity)
  • Conflating online privacy and ID protection
  • The inability to anonymize data/the ability to de-anonymize data (a’la the AOL record fiasco)
  • OpenID
  • OAuth
  • Corporate privacy policies
  • Web services privacy policies
  • Recent research demonstrating young people acre as much as older people about privacy
  • European versus American concepts of privacy
  • Privacy paranoia

You can follow the entire thread of the conversation as it was live-tweeted by @carribugbee on @socialmediaPDX or by searching the hashtag #smcpdx for the date of June 21.

Amanda Mayhew mentioned two sources of information that many attendees were interested in researching further. Amanda sent the following:

Next Up: Super Secret Rooftop Party in Mid-July! Check here for details or follow @socialmediaPDX .

Updated 6/26/2010, 22:26 BREAKING NEWS: Twitter and FTC settle security charges. The FTC didn’t like the way Twitter handled users’ private data, new rules are in place and operations will be reviewed bi-annually for next ten years.

  1. We want to thank @Taplister @widmer_brothers & @webtrends for sponsoring tonite’s mtg. Please spread the love to our sponsors! #smcpdx

  2. Hey, @taplister is coming out w/ a new app next month that includes augmented reality to find closest place to drink beer. FTW! #smcpdx

  3. I can’t prevent world from knowing my whereabouts, so it’s about figuring out a life situ that makes that safer. – @justinkistner #smcpdx

  4. In interest of getting more info out to grow Internet we’d be more comfortable if rationale wasn’t we should all wear no pants – @marshallk

  5. Guy from U.S. cyber consequences unit says we should all publicize our SSN & that would alleviate a lot of prblms. – Arevalo #smcpdx

  6. Same info U don’t want employees sharing at party or putting in newsletter, you don’t want ppl sharing on social media – @ahockley #smcpdx

  7. Having worked for variety of lg corps in past, it seems they want a policy for everything. Not always the answer. @achockley #smcpdx

  8. Companies are realizing if they have no social media policy in place, they can’t manage the anarchy – @Feedia #smcpdx